Anterior Knee Pain - the whole 9 yards!

Online Knee Pain Course for Manual Therapists - now includes Bonus Course: Glut Medius Explained

Looking for a practical knee pain course? This course is designed for hands on therapists such physiotherapists and massage therapists.  It covers step by step guides on:

  • Case History Taking

  • Diferential diagnosis inlcuding: patella tracking dysfunction, quadraceps tendonitis and bursitis

  • Examination

  • Treatment including hands free techniques

  • Taping

  • Step by step rehab exercise program ready to use with your clients!

All this great content in delivered to you by Nicola McLennan, the founder of Sport Rehab Academy, a registered osteopath of 14 years experience who specialises in sports Injuries.

Anterior knee pain is a very common complaint but is has many causes and their is lots of conflicting information out there as to how to tackle it effectively.

This Anterior Knee pain Course is for you if:

  • You want hands on practical information you can use with your clients

  • You want a step by step program to follow

  • You want to increase your confidence dealing with anterior knee pain clients

  • You want to learn online at a time thats convenient for you



Anterior Knee Pain - the whole 9 yards!!

Anterior Knee Pain - Takes you through step by step case history taking, examination, treatment and rehab of one of the most common sports injuries. Now included the hugely popular course Glut Medius Explained at no extra charge!

£52.00 GBP