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What is in this tutorial?

Visual Cues

Visual Cues are a vital part of explaining core work to your clients.  This section will help you identify correct core contraction and will boost your confidence in explaining it to your clients!

Swiss Ball Program

Save time with a done for you basic Swiss Ball Program, ready and waiting for you to use with your clients or patients.  Program is suitable for patients recovering from injury or low back pain.

Basic Core Program

This section is a step by step basic core program, deisgned for patients or clients with resolving injury.  

Check out this snippet of the Intro to core tutorial...


This is a great place to put your CTA that you have been building towards in your video.


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What's Sports Rehab Academy about?

Sports Rehab Academy exists to support, educate and inspire manual therapists who want to master all aspects of sports rehabilitation via online video tutorials and live calls that provide one to one support. Our emphasis on HANDS FREE TECHNIQUES and practitioner posture and positioning will help you take care of yourself while achieving great outcomes for your clients!

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About Nicola

Nicola McLennan is registered osteopath, with 15 years experience working with many types of sports injuries. She is passionate about teaching hands free techniques to help practitioners look after their own bodies and waffle free practical technique work to help you get great outcomes for your clients.


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