Free Intro to Core Tutorial


In this free introduction to core tutorial you will learn:

  • What common core exercises such as the plank and sit ups are not suitable for clients in rehab
  • The difference between correct and incorrect core muscle contraction
  • Amazing visual cues to help you, help your clients find their core
  • A done for you beginners core program that we will guide you through step by step
  • Hands on practical information that you can implement straight away with your clients

Why Choose us?

“Having worked with Nicola for over a year, I can happily report that she is one of the most conscientious & thorough Osteopaths I have worked with. Her years of experience in treating sport related injuries are clear to see. I have learned an enormous amount from her, and I have no doubt that her knowledge and experience will be a great benefit to her Sports Rehab Academy members. ”

James Sabala - Registered Osteopath

“Nicola was my sole inspiration in making the leap from personal training to sports massage therapy. Since qualifying in sports massage, I have had the sense that there is always still so much to learn! I have found Nicola's guidance on hands free techniques very valuable, to help me look after myself and my posture during manual therapy.”

Tiziano Sartori - Master Personal Trainer and Sports Massage Therapist

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