Hi there, my name Nicola McLennan, I am a Registered Osteopath who specialises in the treatment and rehab of sports injuries, based in London.

 I have 14 years experience working as an Osteopath and have treated all types of sports related injuries over the years!  I have treated patients in many different sports from Gaelic Football to Martial Arts!  

I also have done seasons and seasons of pitch side assistance, working right on the front line, cutting my teeth in acute sports injuries.

I founded Sports Rehab Academy in March 2016 to help other manual therapists, osteopaths and massage therapists like you, to increase your knowledge and confidence in the treatment and rehab of sports injuries.

So many manual therapists who are interested in sports injuries, say to me 'but there is so much to learn, I don't know where to start'.

I found many of the courses I went on post graduate, were very much theory based and although they were interesting, I often left wondering, how I can I use that in clinic with patients?

My aim in founding Sports Rehab Academy is to provide an online resource for manual therapists to be able to learn practical hand ons treatment techniques and rehab approaches, at your own pace in your own time, without having to take time away your their business or family.

Sports Rehab Academy's goal is to enable you to feel confident in diagnosing, treating and creating rehab programmes for a wide variety of sports injuries.

A lot of work with sports injuries can involve deep tissue work. My other main focus in Sports Rehab Academy is to teach you how to look after yourself in clinic by implementing hand free techniques, so you can avoid Repetative Strain InjuriesI   

Sports Rehab Academy provides you with:

  • In depth injury specific tutorials on all common sports injuries

  • Step by step guides taking you through case history taking, examination, treatment, taping and rehab for each injury

  • Done for you rehab exercise routines

  • Hands free techniques to save your wrists and thumbs

  • Rehab based tutorials such as active warm ups and foam roller techniques

  • Case studies for less typical injuries or more complex cases

 So with Sports Rehab Academy at your side, you will be ready to confidently deal with any sports injury that comes in the door and most importantly get great results for your clients/patients!

 Why learn from Nicola? Why Choose Sports Rehab Academy?

Most professionals that are working in the sports injury / sports rehabilitation field are either Physics or Sports Therapists. What makes my approach to injury rehab different, is the fact that I am a registered practising Osteopath.

So, how does that affect my approach? Well, it means that I tend to have a very holistic approach to the body and to injury rehab. For example, I encourage you to look at screening / treating the low back if somebody comes to you with a chronic knee problem. Why? Because, they have been limping and this can put mechanical pressure on their low back!

This means as well as teaching you how to best address and rehab that chronic knee problem, you will also be able to nip any potential impact / problems the knee pain may have elsewhere in the body. In other words, my approach enables you to serve your clients in a holistic way, achieving terrific results for them.

Welcome to Sports Rehab Academy!