New content coming soon!

We are excited to let you know what tutorials we are anticipating releasing in the coming months, these include:

  • Whiplash tutorial- This tutorial covers all aspects of the whiplash injury. Whiplash is suprisingly common in sports injuries, particularly in full contact sports, gymnastics and martial arts.
  • Correct exercise form - This tutorial guides you through all the weird and wonderful things your clients can get up to in the gym when they are left unattended . It will guide you through how to instruct your clients with respect to correct exercise form. 
  • Knee Rehab- This is an A to Z guide of knee rehab programs. 
  • Eccentric exercises for elbow tendonisis
  • Live webcam call ins - Get access to webinars every month where Nicola will personally answer all your questions. 


New members, watch your inbox and we will keep you posted as to when new content goes live on sports rehab academy!