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Pitch Side 101

This tutorial will give you everything you need to know about Pitch Side Assistance. Explained by Nicola McLennan, the founder of Sports Rehab Academy, who has many years in pitch side experience through Gaelic Football. Get started by clicking the button below!

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Looking for a Pitch Side Assistance Course?

Do you see social media posts asking for pitchside cover and think . . . I'd love to do that! But feel you lack to confidence and know how to jump in?


Pitch Side 101 is for you if:

  • You are a beginner and have never done any pitchside work before
  • You already have a sports massage or equivalent qualification 
  • You are looking for a step by step guide 
  • You feel your sports first aid course did not prepare you for the real thing
  • You would like to study without having the cost of travel or time off work

An Introduction to Pitch Side Assistance


What is Sports Rehab Academy About?

Sports Rehab Academy Sports Rehab Academy exists to support, inspire and educate manual therapists interested in Sports Injuries, using online Video Tutorials and monthly live call ins. Our emphasis on HANDS FREE TECHNIQUES and practitioner posture and positioning will help you take care of yourself while achieving great outcomes for your clients! Why choose us? Because we can help you MASTER SPORTS REHAB in your own time at your own pace, without taking time away from your BUSINESS and FAMILY!

So whats in this online tutorial?

There are 7 parts to our pitch side course, all filled with different aspects of pitch side assistance, some of these include:

Pitch Side: Part 1

After the introduction, we cover the kit that you will need to do pitch side assistance, including some things that won’t be mentioned in a Sports First Aid course

Pitch Side: Part 2

Part 2 covers Pre Match care

- the 3 main things to focus on

-introduces some basic pre match hands on techniques for the lower body.

Pitch Side: Part 3

Part 3 continues with warm up hands on techniques for the:

- low back

- shoulder 

 - lower body

Part 4

Part 4 covers:

- hands on warm ups techniques for the neck and shoulder

- a thorough introduction to taping and strapping products

- a step by step guide to full ankle taping

Part 5

Part 5 covers:

- Anterior talo-fibular ligament taping

- Quadriceps tendon taping

Part 6

This section covers Pitchside etiquette

-3 keys things to focus on during the match

-what common injuries you need to be prepared for.

Part 7

Our final section covers:

- The 5 keys steps of post match care

- Continuity of care guidelines

About Nicola

Nicola McLennan is registered osteopath, with 15 years experience working with many types of sports injuries. She is passionate about teaching hands free techniques to help practitioners look after their own bodies and waffle free practical technique work to help you get great outcomes for your clients.

"Nicola was my sole inspiration in making the leap from personal training to sports massage therapy. Since qualifying in sports massage, I have had the sense that there is always still so much to learn! I have found Nicola's guidance on hands free techniques very valuable, to help me look after myself and my posture during manual therapy."

Tiziano Sartori
Master Personal Trainer and Sports Massage Therapist

"Having worked with Nicola for over a year, I can happily report that she is one of the most conscientious & thorough Osteopaths I have worked with. Her years of experience in treating sport related injuries are clear to see. I have learned an enormous amount from her, and I have no doubt that her knowledge and experience will be a great benefit to her Sports Rehab Academy members. "

James Sabala
Registered Osteopath

"Nicola has been my Osteopath for the better part of a decade and shall continue to be so to infinity and beyond. It's rare to find a practitioner so diligent, well studied, intuitive and talented. Great bed side manner and standards of professionalism maintained at all times. I recommend every athlete I know to see Nicola."

Joey Ansah
Actor, Fight Choreographer

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