Free courses for Soothe Members

2 FREE tutorials for you to Choose from:

  • Introduction to core stability
  • Introduction to hands free techniques and practitioner posture for best practice

The core stability training program will help you:

  • Say goodbye to confusion about core stability training and hello to clarity on what core stability really means!
  • Tick core stability training off your list with our high quality program
  • Save time with our core done for you beginners program
  • Help your clients find their core with our visual cues that make core stability training a breeze
  • Avoid common pitfalls and misconceptions regarding core stability training

The hands free techniques tutorial will be really valuable for you if:

  • You are finish your day with aches and pains in your shoulders, hands or wrists
  • You are a hands on practitioner that uses a lot of deep tissue work
  • You have heard of hands free techniques and just need a way to get started.
  • You would like to save your wrists and thumbs

As manual therapists we are very focused on getting great outcomes for our clients, but this should never be at the cost of our own health and well being!  So pick your tutorial to get started!

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