So, Why Choose us? What can Sports Rehab Academy Provide for You?

Time Saver!

Are you fed up with time away from your family and business to do courses? Our ONLINE tutorials are divided into BITE SIZED BITS, so matter how short of time your are, you can get through them, at YOUR OWN PACE, in your own time!

Hands Free Techniques

Do you worry about the effect deep tissue techniques has on your upper body? Our tutorials are packed with hands free techniques, to HELP YOU LOOK AFTER YOURSELF and your posture during treatment!

Anatomy Corner

Our tutorials do not waste your time with anatomy info you could get anywhere for free elsewhere. In Anatomy Corner you get functional applied anatomy to really SHARPEN UP YOUR SPORTS REHAB SKILLS!

Rehab, Rehab, Rehab

Not sure what exercises to give and in what order? Master rehabilitation procedures from head to toe! Our DONE FOR YOU REHAB PROGRAMS have done all the hard work for you!

Case Studies

We go through detailed Case Studies of more COMPLEX CASES, so matter what sports injury comes through your door, you will be ready to deal with it and more importantly get GREAT OUTCOMES FOR YOUR CLIENTS!

Live Web Call ins

Need “learning with others” or live CPD? Ever wish you had somebody to ask when you get stuck with a case, rather that trying to figure it out yourself? Our monthly calls, allow you to get your questions asked and counts at over 12 hours of CPD / year included in your membership!